Michael Trimboli – Avia Performance

Michael Trimboli

Michael has a keen interest in body composition and this has subsequently led him to specializing in contest preparation for bodybuilding and physique athletes.

His coaching is about forming relationships, setting expectations and educating his clients with what they need to know about training and nutrition. He educates his clients on how good habit formation can lead to long term and sustainable results.

Michael’s previous career as an engineer and analyst in a corporate environment has given him a unique ability to study and research topics, decipher useful information and communicate it to clients in a practical fashion. In 2011, Michael coached himself for his first bodybuilding show where won his division for the state and then achieved Top 5 at a national level in an extremely competitive line-up.

Michael holds numerous qualifications in relation to training and nutrition for aesthetic and athletic development. Additionally, he holds relationships with some of the leaders in the fitness industry so that he can stay at the forefront of evidence based training and nutrition protocols to ensure his clients get the best results.