Darcy Browning-Hull


personal trainer Coburg

A bit about Darcy

Darcey started his career in strength and conditioning after enrolling in a Bachelor of Exercise Science in 2013. He had a history of playing competitive sport such as cricket and football and loved everything to do with the science behind training. As he progressed though his studies, he got drawn further and further towards resistance training and the sport of powerlifting.

Darcey now competes in powerlifting and also plays football in the EDFL. In his first ever powerlifting competition, he managed to deadlift 260kg and qualified for the National Powerlifting Championships in 2022.

He has a strong passion for powerlifting and had enjoyed the process of preparing his athletes for their competitions. As well as working with powerlifters, he has 5 years of experience working with clients who wish to improve their body composition, rehabilitate chronic and acute injuries and improve their overall wellbeing.