Michael Trimboli

Michael Trimboli
A bit about Michael

Michael specialises in helping clients transform their bodies, from making an athlete competitive on stage, to making clients reach their dream physique. Teaching is the main emphasis of Michael’s coaching style, not just telling you what to do, but why it is optimal for you.

His coaching is about forming relationships, setting expectations, and educating his clients with what they need to know about training and nutrition and how to integrate it into their life so that it is sustainable and they have lasting results. Michael’s uniqueness comes from his past career experience and being a competitive athlete.

Michael’s previous career as an engineer and analyst in a corporate environment has given him a unique ability to study and research topics, decipher useful information and communicate it to clients in practical and actionable steps. In 2011, Michael ultised this unique nature to study and personalise his own training and nutrition to coach himself for first bodybuilding show where won his division for the state and then achieved Top 5 at a national level in an extremely competitive line-up.

Michael holds numerous qualifications in relation to training and nutrition for aesthetic and athletic development. He is a qualified personal trainer and certified Precision Nutrition coach. But more importantly Michael hold relationships with some of the most profound leaders in the fitness industry so that he can stay at the forefront of evidence based training and nutrition protocols to ensure his clients get the best results.
These relationships grown for over a decade from when Michael first grew a passion for the industry.

Finding it difficult to sift through the nonsense to find out what actually works and why has brought Michael to spread his knowledge to others so that they see results, instead of spinning their wheels. Michael’s goal is to educate his clients so that eventually they are self sufficient, and hopefully they can educate others too.