Tim Karagiannis

Tim Karagiannis
A bit about Tim

Tim Graduated from the University of Sydney in 2017 with a Master of Physiotherapy. Prior to this, he completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne, majoring in Human Structure and Function. 

 Tim has had a wide range of experience so far in his career:
  • Acute and chronic soft-tissue injuries;
  • Spinal injuries;
  • Hospital based orthopaedic clinics;
  • Emergency, paediatric and community physiotherapy;
  • Rehab for amateur and elite athletes.

One of the things we love about him most is that he’s equipped with the experience he carries from his roots as a competitive powerlifter. He and Head Coach Vinay actually started competing against each other way back in 2014. His experience with strength training has inspired him to use more movement based rehabilitation protocols as opposed to solely relying on the traditional hands-on treatment a physiotherapist provides.
Tim is now back at University as he commences his Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. He wants to extend his clinical scope so he can provide athletes with the best possible care.