Our Story

Avia Games held at Avia Performance, 2019.

Avia Performance is a community for people who are looking to become the strongest versions of themselves. Whether you’re a powerlifter looking to lift in a conducive environment, an athlete looking for that extra edge or a general population client who needs to suitable guidance, we have you covered.

Everyone that enters our doors becomes family and we will always push you to reach your full potential.

To cater for our athletic clientele, we have state of the art equipment that is always well maintained. We have a full Eleiko set (rack, barbell and weights) and a competition platform which is perfect for any seasoned powerlifter to get practise on competition gear. In total we have just under 1000kg of calibrated cast iron plates for all the powerlifters. There is always a coach present as well so if you don’t have a training partner and are in need of a spot, there’s always someone to help out.

In the middle of the gym is a 15m sled track with a prowler. The prowler serves as one of our favourite conditioning tools and is also used a lot in our lower back rehabilitation programs.

We have 4 other squat racks, 2 Force USA bench presses, some unconventional machines such as the Reverse hyper, speciality bars such as the Safety Squat bars and plenty of other machines that are suitable for bodybuilding purposes and strengthening weak points for strength athletes.