Vinay Srinivasan


A bit about Vinay

Vinay is the head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Avia Performance. He holds a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science and plans on doing his Masters degree soon.

Vinay’s journey started back when he was 19 years old working in a commercial gym. From there he realized the best decision you can ever make is to invest in yourself. He did an internship with ESS Performance for 12 months and was then offered a full time role with them as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. During the next couple of years he was working and getting experience with teams such as Melbourne Victory, Melbourne Storm, World Athletics Center and the Australian Basketball Company. Vinay has worked with hundreds of athletes and in recent times has been heavily involved in strength sports such as Powerlifting.

He has coached many national level athletes and his team of lifters continue to grow. One of his main passions is also forming rehabilitation programs for a variety of clients. He specializes in injuries such as hip impingement and dysfunctions in the shoulder girdle and rotator cuff.

Moving forwards, Vinay wants to continue mentoring and educating other coaches. He wants to continue to run courses and help to improve the standard of the fitness industry.


  • Bachelor Of Exercise and Sport Science
    Level 1 Powerlifting Coach
    Level 1 ASCA