Claudia Coppola


A bit about Claudia

Claudia started her fitness journey in 2013 when, after making the decision to pursue a healthier and less sedentary lifestyle, she began to enthusiastically embrace health and fitness.

That enthusiasm led to her completing her certificate 3 & 4 in fitness in 2014. Feeling that she could deepen and expand on what she had already learnt, in 2015 she opted to broaden her knowledge by partaking in a Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science (Clinical Practise). This increased understanding in biomechanics and human movement allows Claudia to use scientific methods to help her clients achieve their health and fitness goals. She continues to study today. 

Additionally, Claudia’s passion for training extends to the sport of Powerlifting where she commenced competitive lifting in early 2017. Claudia has also completed her Level 1 Powerlifting Coach qualifications, training multiple athletes who also compete in the sport. 

Ultimately though it is Claudia’s dedication to helping her clients achieve long term and sustainable goals that is her best asset.