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Featured Programs

Our gym near Pascoe Vale offers three major programmes, which start at just $20 per week. If you are unable to visit our gym near Pascoe Vale, we offer an online tailored training programme. This programme is not one-size-fits-all; we tailor each online training programme to our clients’ specific needs and objectives.

Personal Training

Our gym near Pascoe Vale, led by Co-Director Vinay Srinivasan, offers an experienced team of personal trainers available seven days a week.

Our staffed hours are for the convenience of our clients, and our personal trainers are available every day from early morning to late afternoon and evening.

Because we take a comprehensive approach to fitness, our personal training plans are tailored to the individual and include nutrition.

Clinical Treatment

Recognizing that gym members frequently require the services of a physical therapist at some time due to injury, strain, or a pre-existing condition, our founders decided to collaborate to close the gap.

Luke Troiani is in charge of our clinical treatment. They’ve been able to protect their clients’ physical wellbeing by working closely with his Co-Director Vinay Srinivasan.

We feel that providing clinical therapy on-site in our gym near Pascoe Vale distinguishes us from the competition and benefits our clients’ health.

Musculoskeletal therapy, physiotherapy, and acupuncture are all available through our clinical staff.

Competitve Weight Training

We take pride in specialising in competitive weightlifting. At our gym near Pascoe Vale, we’ve staged a number of competitive weight lifting tournaments. In March 2021, we hosted the most recent one. You can see the results here.

Registration for our next event, which will take place in October 2021, is no longer open. 


“Great, professional team at Avia Performance! Shout out to Luke who I received treatment for pain that I experiencing. He took good care and prescribed good home exercises too. Highly recommend!”


“Vinay and Luke at Avia have provided me with a really professional, yet friendly and welcoming environment to train in. I get weekly programming and coaching with strength and powerlifting goals, as well as physio treatments, however other members have really different goals and the place caters just as well to them. The gym has all the equipment I need, as well as after access hours, so it’s perfect for my busy schedule. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.”

“After training at Avia, I definitely feel like I am “better than yesterday”. The community and atmosphere is second to none, I’d go as far as to call it family. Being highly knowledgeable and professional in each of their specialised fields, Vinay, Luke and the team are more than just coach or therapist, but friends. I can’t recommend Avia Performance enough.”

“Awesome community vibes. Individualized and research proven advice delivered with the utmost professionalism. 100% would recommend for training and recovery.”




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