Online Personal Training Vs In Person/ Gym Coaching

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Having an online coach is great. You can work with anyone in the world and thanks to technology, you can get some really detailed feedback from your coach. You can also train at home or even your local gym, without having to venture somewhere else for a face to face session. So is online coaching the better option?

There are pros and cons to both face to face and online coaching. In this article we’re going to go through these so you can figure out what’s best for you and your training goals.

Face to face coaching:

If you can find someone you work well with and provides a great service, you can’t look past a face to face coach. You get instant feedback and your coach can see what you’re doing in real life, as opposed to a watching you from a set angle on your fuzzy whatsapp video. In complex movements such as the bench press, you can get a lot more out of a coaching sessions in person as opposed to your coach watching a video and trying to fix your issues in a 5 minute voice recording.

PROS of F2F Coaching:

-Instant feedback
-Real-time coaching
-Better ability to make programming adjustments
-A personalised hour of your coach’s attention per week
-Great relationships with your coach and their other clients
-You become more involved with your team of athletes and clients

In saying all of this, face to face coaching also has its downfalls. It can be very hard to find the right coach near you and there’s nothing worse than settling for a service that just isn’t for you.

CONS of F2F Coaching:

-Hard to find the right fit close to home
-Travel time
-Cost is higher than online coaching generally

Online Coaching:

Online coaching is all the rage at the moment. People have connected with a lot of coaches over social media platforms and it’s given people a way to get coached by their favourite influencers all over the world. So what are pros and cons of it all?

PROS of Online Coaching:

-You can work with anyone in the world
-You’re not limited to coaches in just your area
-Comprehensive overview of all exercises
-Video feedback on as many lifts as you want
-Written/visual/audio feedback every week

CONS of Online Coaching:

-No instant feedback
-A lot of back and forth when it comes to fixing an issue
-Very hard to do any form of injury rehabilitation
-Can be a bit of trial and error before your coach finds the ideal programming/coaching style for you
-Less interaction with other members

In Conclusion:

As you can see, there are many pros and cons of online and face to face methods. We find a combination of both is ideal. Finding a place that has more of a semi-private/supervised coaching method is generally a much more cost effective strategy and you get to be a part of a great community. What’s great is your coach can watch a lot of your training in person and your teammates can also help with coaching and moral.

We hope this brings about some clarity in terms of what the best option might be for you and your training. If you ever need any help with coaching, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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